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  • Discord-Ts3

It's time to give up mumble and TeamSpeak.

12 December 2017|1 Comment

Discord, our new voice server hi [...]

Rise of the Elders-game to come

9 December 2016|4 Comments

Strange Matter is a start up [...]


November 1, 2016|1 Comment

This tutorial is aimed at G4mers who do not [...]

Connect its "DS4" to Android

September 28, 2016|1 Comment

How to connect its PS4 controller to Android [...]

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contributes to the leasing of the BF FNI servers

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I participate and I make a donation!


The clan recruits new members who want to play as a team, so do not hesitate and Submit your Application ! If you're looking for a clan to have fun and have a good time it's  Here!

The spirit of the game

The FNI ™ clan welcomes you to play at BF4 & BF3, Halo 4, GuilWar2 and AG.  The members of the team meet to administer a website and a forum made available to the players.

Joining the NIF Team is:

  • Take advantage of an updated website and Forum
  • Meet new players and play in vocals
  • Play as a team and improve your game quality
  • Play Inter-Clan games
  • Have a slot available on the NIF servers